Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Afternoon

Just A Random Afternoon

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
May 20,2011
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using
a photo by Rae Lynn Simpson
I am also using a tube by PinUpToons
available at CDO
I purchased the tube when the artist
sold at Cilm.

Tube of choice
Photo of choice
Scrap of choice.
I’m using a kit called French Connection
by Schnegge Blog

Open a 600x600 new image.
Open your photo, tube and scrap supplies.

Choose a frame of choice.
Paste as a new layer.
Add a drop shadow
2,2,50,5 Black

Using your selection tool,
draw around the center of the frame.
Paste a photo as a new layer.

Selections invert & press delete.
Move photo under the frame layer.

Open a bird tube.
Resize 50%
Paste on a bottom corner of the frame.

Open a lamp post.
Paste on the same side of the tag as
the bird element.
In the layer palette,
move the lamp layer under the bird layer.

Open a 3 flower arrangement element.
Resize 50%
Paste on a bottom corner of the frame.
Duplicate once & flip.

Merge the 2 flower layers together.
Duplicate once & mirror.
This should give you flowers on all four corners.
Add the earlier drop shadow.

Open your tube of choice.
Resize 90% or as needed.
Paste alongside the frame of the tag.

Open a chair element.
Mirror & resize 85%
Paste behind your tube layer.
Open an umbrella & resize 70%
Paste in front of the chair.

Open a single flower.
Paste as a new layer & position
on side of the frame near the bottom.
Move to bottom layer of the tag.
Duplicate once & move the 2nd flower up
above the first flower.

Merge the two flowers together.
Duplicate once & mirror.
Add wordart or saying of choice.
Add a drop shadow to the text.

Merge layers together.
Resize 88%
Add copyright info & name.
Save as png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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