Friday, October 8, 2010

Spook A Witch

Spook A Witch

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
October 8, 2010
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using
The art of Elias Chatzoudis.
You can purchase his artwork at

Tube of choice.
Scrap of choice.
I’m using one by Gothic Inspirirations
Called Falling for elias
It is a PTU kit.

Open a 600x600 new image.
Open your tube & scrap supplies.

Open up an arrow sign.
Resize 50%
Paste as new layer.

Duplicate the arrow three times.
Mirror two copy layers.
Arrange so an arrow points
left - right - left- right.
Merge the arrows together.

Open a spider web.
Resize 50%
Paste under the arrows.

Paste your full length tube
by the arrows.
Add a drop shadow
2,2,50,5 Black

Open the witch legs.
Resize 50%
paste under the arrow layer.
Add a drop shadow.
Repeat with doodle tree
except paste beside the arrows.

Open a skull.
Resize 20%
Paste on the tree twice.
Open a green tagback.
Resize 50%
Paste on bottom layer.
Rotate right or left 45
Duplicate once
Move either up or down
as needed.

Open a spider cupcake.
Resize 25%
Paste as new layer at bottom
of doodle tree.
Add a drop shadow.

Open a small round frame.
Click inside it.
Hold shift if needed to select multiple areas.
Selections modify expand 25

Paste paper as new layer.
Selections invert & press delete.
Move under frame.

Paste tube closeup as new layer
between paper & frame.
Press delete.
Select none.
Add a drop shadow to both
frame & closeup layers.

Resize all the layers 50%
paste on the doodle tree.
Paste a skull as before on the
frame loop.

Merge layers visble.
Duplicate once
On the bottom layer,
adjust blur gauassian 17

Resize both layers 88%
Add wordart of choice or do your own.
I tend to add my own saying I like for the tag.

Add copyright info & name
Save as jpeg or png.

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