Friday, October 14, 2011

Domestic Violence Tag Contest

Domestic Violence Awareness Tag Contest!!!

Contest closed Winners to be announced!

Make a tag focusing on Domestic Violence
& raising awareness for this issue.
Men, women & children are affected by
violence at home everyday.
No one should be afraid at home or fear
those they love.

Contest runs from Oct 14-Oct 30th.
Tags must be copyright aware & legal.
Use FTU or PTU artists. Please make
an awareness tag for this issue.

Please make the name on the tag
Sarah or Rae Or Rae Lynn. Also send a snag as well.
So that's two tags.
1) Tag with Name Sarah or Rae Lynn or Rae
2) Snag tag

Note: The two tags need to be the same tag!
This does not mean two different entries!

Send Tag Entries to
Subject Line DV Contest

1st Place - 2-3 pack of tubes
2nd Place - 1 -3 Pack of tubes
3rd Place - 2 single tube

Prizes will be awarded from CDO


  1. I shall be back later to take part in this competition. Having been on the receiving end it is something that I know is not talked about because of fear. Its only when you are brave enough to get away do you realise that there is help but it does still need to be something that is made aware of. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Great contest Sarah! Very Worthy Cause.

  3. My entry has been sent. Of all of the causes in October I am glad you picked this one to do a contest for. ♥ Cindi

  4. Will get one made up for this cause...