Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Attitude...Redefine It

Attitude...Redefine It

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
September 28, 2011
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Zlata_M
which you can purchase at

Tube of choice.
Muras Meister Copies
AAA Frames

Open a 600x250 new image.
Open a tube of choice to use.

Resize the tube if needed.
I resized 50% on the tube I
am using.

On your new image,
fill with black or a color
of choice.

Select your font tool.
Using an easy to read font,
size 14, Stroke width 0.0.
Select a color easy to see against
your background color.

Type out the word attitude
or another word of choice.
Make sure you have all caps on also.
Convert the word layer to raster.

Go to your effects & plugins/
Open up the plugin Muras Mesiter
Select Tiling & change the tile gap
to 2.
Click Okay. This should tile
the word across the image.

Copy & paste your tube as
a new layer.
Position as wanted on the tag.
Add a drop shadow to the tube
2,2,50,5 Black.

Now duplicate the tube once.
Mirror the copy tube layer.
In your layer palette, move the same layer
under your word layer.
Lower the opacity on the tube to as wanted.

Now merge all the layers together.
Open up AAA Frames Foto Frame.
Change the width setting to 12.
Hit okay.

Now add the last part of text.
I changed the text to one more fancy but
use one that you like. I also changed my font color
& size to 18.

Type out " Redefine It" or a saying of choice.
Convert to raster.
Add the earlier drop shadow.

Merge layers together again.
Add copyright info & name.
Save as png or jpeg.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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