Friday, March 11, 2011

Using Dingbat Fonts For Tag Design

Using Dingbat Font For Tag Design

This is to help familarize people with
using dingbat fonts.
They are very simple & can
be useful to help create tags.

I'm using Windows 7 but
you can use them with any windows.
Just may have to adjust to your verison
of windows.

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
March 11,2011
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using
a tube by Maryline Cazenave
You can find her tubes at
Tube of choice
I am using a dingbat font by
Windwalker 64 available at
FontspaceOkay download your dingat font of choice.
For my windows 7 I have to install the font
for it to appear in my programs.
Once I have done this it will show in my list of fonts.

In psp, open a 600x600 new image &
tube of choice.

Select your dingbat in your font options.
I find having my caps lock on helps a lot.
I also did font size 72

Try different letters as you would type out
a name or word.
Instead of letters you should see symbols & designs
in your font previewbox.
I used capital R but you can choose one of choice.

Enlarge as wanted like you would any word.
Convert to raster & arrange as wanted on the tag.
Duplicate once & flip -again that is optional.

I filled in the spaces of the dingbat design I chose.
I used a color from my tube.
I just think it looked better this way to me.

I resized my tube of choice 80%
and pasted as a new layer in center of
my two dingbat designs.
This way the dingbats become the background
of the tag.

I added a drop shadow to the tube I used of
2,2,50,5 black.

I then selected another font & typed out
a saying to go with my tag design.
After converting to raster, I resized the text 90
& did free rotate right 90.

I moved the text to side of the tag.
I repeated the above with the rest of
my text for the tag.
Except this one I did free rotate left 90.
I made sure to drop shadow both text layers also.

Merge layers visible & resize 88%
Add copyright info & name.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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  1. just a suggestion for the beginners you may want to include screen shots or suggest a font other than that this is a great idea