Saturday, March 19, 2011



This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
March 19,2011
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using
a tube & photos by Dan Richards.
You can purchase both at CDO

Tube & photos of choice
Scrap of choice.
I’m using one by Gothic Inspiratiosn
Called Save The Earth
Open a 600x600 new image.
Open your photos, animal tube, & scrap supplies of choice.

Choose a frame of choice from the scrap.
Resize the frame 50% & paste as a new layer.
Select inside the frame with magic wand tool.
Selections modify expand by 2

Paste a photo of choice as a new layer.
Selections invert & press delete.
Select none.
Move the photo under the frame layer.
Add a drop shadow to the frame
2,2,50,5 Black

Merge the two layers together.
Resize 80%
Move slightly up & to the left on the tag.
Repeat the above with a 2nd frame & photo.
Move this one down & to the right.

Open a vine element.
Resize 70%
Paste on the bottom layer of the tag.
Position it by a photo.
Duplicate once Mirror & flip.

Open a tree. Resize 70%
Paste between the photo frame layers.
Position as wanted.
Add a drop shadow.

Duplicate the tree layer twice.
Move the two copy layers down slightly from
the first tree.

Choose a flower vine.
Resize 50%
Paste along the side once on each photo frame.
I mirrored the vine for the top frame to be
able to postion it properly.

Open pouring bucket.
Resize 80%
Because the 2nd photo I used has water in it,
I positioned the bucket to appear to
be pouring water into the photo.

Open a bird element.
Resize 50% twice
Position on the side of the bucket.

On your animal tube, resize 70%
Position on top of the bottom frame
or as wanted. I used a tiger tube.
Add a drop shadow to the animal.

Merge layers visible & resize 88%
Add wordart or saying of choice.
Add a drop shadow to the words.

Add copyright info & name.
Save as jpeg or png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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  1. Beautiful hun! Thank you so much for working with my kit. Hugs, Jess