Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nature’s Palette

Nature’s Palette

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
July 11, 2010
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using
The art of Schnegge
You can purchase her artwork at

Template of choice
I used one by Scrappin Krazy Temp 1
Image of choice
I used a freebie image by Schnegge
Available at Mistaken Art

Open the template you are using.
Shift D to duplicate the template & close original.

On the white square, click it with magic wand.
Paste image as new layer & arrange in square.
Selections invert
Press delete.
Select none.

On the long grey rectangle of the template,
Click with magic wand.
Paste your image again.
Selections invert & press delete.
Select none.

Adjust –blur
Motion blur 25
Erase any part of the blur showing past the template.

On the two black frames, fill with color
From your image.
Add noise 45
Add a drop shadow
2,2,50,5 Black

On the plant doodle on the template,
Selections select all
Float defloat

Paste a small square filled with same color
Of frames.
Arrange over the doodle.
Selections invert & press delete.
Select none.

Merge the two doodle layers together.
Add a drop shadow.

Select your font tool.
Select font of choice.
Type out saying of choice.
But its up to you.
Arrange on top or bottom of template.
Duplicate once
Move the copy across from template.
Merge the two sayings together.
Duplicate once & move to other side of template.
Drop shadow all sayings.

Resize all layers 92%.
Add copyright info & name.
Save as jpeg or png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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